A Guide to Passages in Abdy's Journal Which
Mention Northern Free Blacks, and White Racial Attitudes

How to use this guide:
This guide consists of links into an edited text of Abdy's Journal.  The edited text is limited to Abdy's observations on northern free black communities, and on white attitudes towards African American especially in the northern states.

Each link will take you to a particular passage of the edited text.  If you click on a link within the edited text, your browser will jump to the place full text of the book from which the passage was taken.

Chapter 1
  • Africo-Americans in the New York House of Refuge
  • Visits with Mayor Marcy to New York's "African" Schools
  • Visit with Wm Lloyd Garrison in NY on his way to England
  • Albino Girl at "African" School
  • Chapter 2
  • "Indiscriminate" mixing of convicts on Blackwell's Island
  • Aristocracy of the Skin (long - source of working title)
  • Beginning of Investigation of Africo-Americans and colonization
  • Rev. Peter Williams (son of slave; black Episcopal Minister)
  • Callous Proposals in American Quarterly Review and Niles.
  • Cruelty and Consequences of Such a Policy (Removal of females for population control)
  • Prejudices and Real Motives of the Colonization Society
  • In England, a sable complexion is a passport ...
  • Chapter 3
  • Singsing and Dr. Lieber's prejudices
  • Among juvenile offenders at the Refuge were 12 colored boys...
  • Mexican and US prejudices against "low" occupations
  • Servant - euphemism for slave; other linguistic peculiarities
  • Prevalence of domestic service among blacks; mixed consequences
  • Black servants convenient scapegoats (Jim Crow North)
  • Hint ... that they eat pease with a knife, and they are highly enraged:tell them that their conduct to the "niggers" is inhuman and unmanly,and they laugh in your face.
  • Peter Williams again; reports and lies from Liberia
  • A more thorough humbug never existed
  • The patience of these people ... Whose feelings would not revolt?
  • Chapter 4
  • Weathersfield Penitentiary (near Hartford); reasons for high percentage of blacks in prison
  • Racial abuse in Hartford - increased by Colonization efforts
  • Chapter 5
  • Greater equality of blacks in the countryside
  • Lecture on the subject of slavery in Boston
  • Blacks' inability to get tavern license (Jim Crow North)
  • Prejudice oblivious to its own effects.
  • Colonizationist Meeting in Boston
  • Impudence of proclaiming Africa the home of the Africo-Americans
  • Boston black unable to sell or use pew at Park St. Church (in 1830). (Jim Crow North)
  • Joshua Easton's similar inability to claim a pew (Jim Crow North)
  • Walsh's Appeal denies racism
  • 'African' schools in Boston
  • This 'spiteful vulgar distinction' -- petty ways in which blacks are singled out
  • Reports of 'frightful mortality' from Liberia
  • 'African' colonists as the New Pilgrims (...Humbug...)
  • Colonizationists tried to censor Garrison
  • Flourishing of antislavery since 1831 attributed to Garrison
  • State of Georgia puts price on Garrison's head
  • Garrison's slander conviction in Baltimore
  • Arbitrary whip-lashing of blacks by a driver in the south - Bostonian scorned for protesting
  • Visit to David and Lydia M. Child; her writings
  • Conversation with Mr Levington - the black Baltimorian minister
  • Mr Levington's school; insults in course of his travels
  • Bostonian abolitionist accustoms his children to sleeping with black children
  • Prejudice unjustified -- selflessness during cholera epidemic
  • Irish among the worst persecuters; interracial marriage and laws on it
  • Phillis Wheatley's copy of Paradise Lost
  • Harrison Grey Otis' tepid defense of blacks
  • Mrs. Paul (black teacher) not allowed to travel by stage
  • Miss Paul's brother not allowed in grammer school; other insults on the road
  • 'Confusion to New England' (toast in the south)
  • Foolish fear that racial mixture causes "degeneration"
  • Fear of ridicule while 'inviting its shafts'
  • Fear of a growing black population -- taken to extreme

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